25 Oct 2008

Fan forum flame war leads to botched sex change operation

Monterrey, Mexico — Police are investigating allegations that an intense disagreement between rival cliques on an online Madonna message board has led to the genital disfigurement of a male fan hoping to become a full-fledged woman.

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11 Feb 2006

Gay blogger exposed as Barbara Bush

Ernie Hsiung, the quick-witted gay author and publisher of the popular website littleyellowdifferent.com, is actually former U.S. First Lady Barbara Bush.

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20 Mar 2003

A guide to deciphering the US Department of Homeland Security’s terrorism preparedness instructional images

The US Department of Homeland Security has created Ready.gov, a website intended to give Americans useful tips on how to better prepare and help themselves when terrorism rears its ugly head in these trying and tense times.

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