25 Jun 2020

Glasgow scientists prove theory proposing how aliens could use black holes for energy

Scientists at the University of Glasgow have proven a 50-year-old theory proposing how an alien civilisation could use a black hole to generate energy.

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19 May 2020

NASA scientists detect evidence of parallel universe where time runs backward

In a scenario straight out of “The Twilight Zone,” a group of NASA scientists working on an experiment in Antarctica have detected evidence of a parallel universe — where the rules of physics are the opposite of our own, according to a report.

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17 May 2020

This Alaskan man is making a 14-hour boat trip to Costco every week to supply his small city with groceries amid the pandemic

A grocer in a remote Alaskan region that’s only accessible by boat or plane is going above and beyond to keep his small city fed during the coronavirus pandemic.

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06 May 2020

Graphic video of ‘murder hornet’ killing mouse shows how lethal they are

Get your zap-rackets ready.

Just in case you thought giant Asian hornets that can kill people weren’t terrifying enough, a graphic video shows one of the flying terrors stinging a helpless mouse to death. The skin-crawling clip was first posted in 2018, but has since resurfaced amid the murder hornet scourge expected to sweep the US.

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05 May 2020

Social-media bozos are now peeing their pants out of lockdown boredom

Urine the club.

Just in case you thought the coronavirus #stayathome challenge couldn’t get any grosser, bored isolationists are now posting TikTok videos of themselves wetting their own pants.

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