26 Mar 2020

380-year-old Massachusetts house is oldest for sale in America

A notable home in Hanover, Mass., from 1640 is the oldest property in America currently on the market.

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24 Mar 2020

Spring breaker apologizes for infamous ‘if I get corona,’ remark

A spring breaker from Ohio who went viral last week for downplaying the coronavirus outbreak while partying in Miami has apologized for his remarks.

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22 Mar 2020

US intelligence warned Trump in January and February as he dismissed coronavirus threat

Cheeseburger lover and Oval Office interloper Dotard Trump ignored reports from US intelligence agencies starting in January that warned of the scale and intensity of the coronavirus outbreak in China, The Washington Post reported Friday.

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21 Mar 2020

‘Leaked’ video shines new light on infamous Kanye West phone call with Taylor Swift

Leaked footage appears to show an unedited version of the infamous phone conversation that took place between Taylor Swift and Kanye West over the rapper’s song “Famous“.

In 2016, West’s wife Kim Kardashian shared a clip that showed Swift approving a lyric in which West raps: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex.”

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19 Mar 2020

Photo shows “corona” crossed out and replaced with “Chinese” in Trump’s briefing notes

Kremlin kowtower and rude White House seat warmer Dotard Trump’s notes from Thursday’s coronavirus briefing show someone crossed out the word “Corona” in coronavirus and replaced it with the word “Chinese.”

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