10 Nov 2018

Making a perm

I need to find me a perming girlfriend so that I can just have this done at home instead of paying through the nose at the salon.

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03 Oct 2018

Find the way to yourself

Sometimes life seems like an impossible puzzle to solve.

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01 Sep 2018

“Legend” by Bob Marley & The Wailers

The reggae legend’s third compilation of hits is the perfect introductory package to the neophyte fan. All the stuff that made Marley legendary is here.

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29 Aug 2018

“Surfacing” by Sarah McLachlan

The Canadian chanteuse’s fourth album was her mainstream breakthrough. Consisting of immaculately crafted songs on the mellow end of the pop spectrum, the album received critical acclaim and netted her several Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 hits.

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21 Aug 2018

“Till I Loved You” by Barbra Streisand

The album that resulted from La Streisand’s dalliance with the delicious Don Johnson D is straightforward lovestruck pop with a wee hint of Broadway thrown in for good measure.

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