29 Aug 2018

“Boys For Pele” by Tori Amos

The High Priestess of Baroque Pop’s third studio album is often critically lauded as her most artistically thrilling and often misunderstood.

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17 May 2018

Racist lawyer wigs out over Spanish being spoken at restaurant

Midtown Manhattan lawyer Aaron Schlossberg was caught on video showing off his true racist colors after he became irate that people around him were speaking Spanish. He even threatened to call immigration officials to have them deported.

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05 Feb 2017

Black Lives Matter protests Super Bowl, demands US$1 billion in reparations for ‘wronged’ Janet Jackson

Houston, TX — Black Lives Matter protesters have organized a surprise rally in Houston today to protest the “racist patriarchy” of the Super Bowl and demand that reparations be made to Janet Jackson, whose career was destroyed after the 2004 “Nipplegate” halftime show scandal.

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27 Nov 2016

Kellyanne Conway 27 Dalmatian puppies away from completing prized fur coat

Bedminster, New Jersey — Full time Donald Trump surrogate and occasional New Jersey mom Kellyanne Conway has stepped up efforts to complete her prized fur coat, which only needs about 27 more Dalmatian puppies, much to the consternation of animal rights activists everywhere.

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15 Nov 2016

Making America hate again

Donald J. Trump is the first Internet troll to be elected as the leader of a sovereign nation.

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