14 Nov 2018

Transgender artist out of ideas to subvert social constructs

Coupon, Pennsylvania — Local visual and musical artist and self-professed cultural dissident Valerie Sanders has run out of ways to express herself and grab attention in the fast-paced era of social media driven by the constant fear of missing out.

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10 Oct 2018

It’s not the loneliest number, no

I don’t know about you. But I’m feeling…

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15 Sep 2018

The C word

…harcuterie boards. Sorry, ran out of space in the frame.

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12 Sep 2018

Oh my God, yes, Ronny, yes!

13.56% of Americans are sexually aroused when white rappers take part in a protracted public quarrel.

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30 Aug 2018

A pearl in the hand is worth two in the bush

For no particular reason, here is a picture of Matthew James Lent. You might remember him from such iconic moments as “Wake up, Pearl!” and “Is there something on my face?”

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