Madonna sings ‘Take A Bow’ in concert for the first time

“Take A Bow” was a big hit for Madonna in the 90s. It hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and stayed there for an astounding 7 weeks. No other Madonna song before or after has achieved this accomplishment (so far anyway). And yet, for some strange mind-boggling reason, Madonna has never performed it in concert. She performed it live three times while she was promoting the song in 1995, but never has she included it in any of her tour set lists. Many fans have speculated that perhaps she was saving it for her farewell tour or something. But it seems she was saving it for Taiwan all along. In a rare move, the Queen of Pop sang the song at her Rebel Heart Tour stop in Taipei Thursday night.

Watch the goosebump-inducing video clip below.

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