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Illegal bottom injections on rise in US

A growing number of American women are getting plastic surgery to enhance their behinds. But with the costs running into the thousands of dollars, many are choosing cheap, illegal and life-threatening backstreet procedures.



She did it because she thought she’d look better, and be more desirable.

But getting injections for a bigger behind was the biggest mistake Natalie Johnson ever made.

At her home in a Miami suburb, she shows me pictures of her scarred body, bruised and blackened from decaying tissue.

“I didn’t need it, I was perfect without it,” she says. “I was in a lifestyle where I felt if I had a big old butt, I could make more money.”

The pain she has to endure is so severe that it is hard for her to sit down for too long. Johnson relies on her nine-year-old daughter to help with the most basic of tasks.

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