Missing in action: Globetrotting Travel Bunny that visited 20 countries to pose for ‘selfies’ snatched from car in Italy

A globetrotting bunny has been stolen after travelling the world to take snaps with its adventurous owner.

Travel Bunny – as it is aptly known – visited more than 20 countries, taking an enviable series of snaps along the way with owner Peter Franc, from London.

But after posing for snaps around the world, taking in iconic location from the Leaning Tower of Pisa, in Italy, to the Great Barrier Reef, in Australia, Travel Bunny was cruelly stolen from Peter’s car.

The 33-year-old said the rabbit was stolen from his car in Italy, along with his passports, camera equipment and laptop.

He said: ‘I left my car unattended in a highway petrol station car park for less than two minutes, but it was enough time for the criminals to break the door open and relieve us of some possessions.’

Peter, who is originally from Melbourne, Australia, began his adventure with Travel Bunny in 2005, after moving to Berlin.

He said: ‘I’d always loved rabbits, and received my first pet, creatively named “Bunny” when I was 8.

‘When I moved to Berlin in 2005, I was given a toy rabbit for my birthday.

‘Since it was the first time I was away from my parents, I had travel on my mind, and simply thought taking Travel Bunny on my trips would be a cute way to document where I’d been, to show my friends back home.’

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