Projected Makeup Dramatically Changes Model’s Face from Moment-To-Moment

Everyone loves a good makeover, especially with stunning results. Take a look at a new digital technique that allows for dramatic real-time facial redesigns.

Artist Nobumichi Asai worked with a team of CGI designers, photographers, programmers and make-up artists to create a video in which a model gets a series of virtual makeovers. Called O-MOTE, the process uses real-time face-tracking and projection-mapping technology to create visual changes to the physical features of model Yuka Sekimizu. A camera maps her face and then projects digital graphics onto it; these are manipulated and shifted to match the movements of her head. The system is capable of some incredible effects.

While Asai has used projection mapping on stationary objects to put CGI onto cars, docks, and buildings, this is the first time he’s done it with the more difficult contours of the human face. No word yet on how extensive the movements can be within the limits of the system.

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