Joan Rivers posts from the grave: ‘I’ve just bought an iPhone!’

Comic legend Joan Rivers has been dead for over a week now, but apparently that hasn’t stopped the Fashion Show star being chuffed to bits with her new iPhone 6-feet-under.

In a warning to PR companies everywhere, sponsored scheduled posts appeared on Rivers’ Facebook and Instagram accounts on Friday morning – before they were quickly taken down.


At least the hashtags were on point: the iPhone 6 (and 6 Plus), which went on sale on Friday, have had positive reviews – some might say even a product to die for.

In other Rivers-related news, her doctor has denied the rumour that he took a selfie with the star while she was unconscious in hospital after undergoing throat surgery.

Rivers was one of the most celebrated comedians of the last 40 years, and was Tony and Grammy nominated. She was still performing weeks before she died of a cardiac arrest resulting from complications after her surgery.

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