Hundreds of fish dead after bungling council workers accidentally released them from lake

 Fish released: Hundreds of fish from Swanshurst Lake, Birmingham, died

Fish released: Hundreds of fish from Swanshurst Lake, Birmingham, died

Hundreds of fish perished after being released from a lake by accident when a sluice gate was opened during a council inspection.

Residents spotted dead and dying fish and began a rescue mission with park rangers and RSPCA officials.

Lisa Attenborrow, who saw the fish as she walked her dog at Swanshurst Park, Birmingham, said: “They were suffocating in the mud.

“I felt close to tears seeing hundreds of dying desperate creatures.

More than 500 fish were saved, but hundreds of roach and carp died. Birmingham city council said the fish were freed “inadvertently”.

Birmingham City Council admitted the fish, including roach, dace and carp, were released from a lake by its workers during checks on valves used in flood defences.

The authority, which issued an apology, said it would change its procedures to ensure there was no repeat of the accident.

A Birmingham City Council spokesperson said: “Our park rangers attended the site to retrieve as many released fish as possible.

“We are grateful to the local community and to the RSPCA for their assistance in this matter.”

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