Unattended bag of condoms spurs bomb investigation at Port Authority bus station

Someone planned to have a lot of sex.

Someone planned to have a lot of sex.

NEW YORK CITY — An unattended bag containing about a thousand condoms spurred an investigation by authorities at the George Washington Bridge Bus Station in Manhattan Friday evening.

Port Authority police officers on patrol at the bus station, which is currently under extensive renovation, found an unattended silver bag behind a barrier-separated lane adjacent to the doors of the bus station’s waiting room at about 5 p.m., Port Authority police spokesman Joseph Pentangelo said.

The canine unit of the Port Authority police arrived to inspect the package for explosives, but an inspection didn’t indicate the presence of any explosives, Pentangelo said.

After the bag was cleared and opened, officers found the messenger-type bag contained about a thousand, individually-packaged male and female condoms of various brands and styles, he said.

“The bag and its contents were vouchered,” Pentangelo said. “Thus far, no owner has come forward.”

Pedestrian and vehicular traffic was rerouted for a short time while investigators evaluated the package.

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says: OMG that was my weekend stash!
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