McDonald’s next big menu move could be sweet potato fries

Fans of McDonald’s fries now have a sweet new option.

The fast food giant is testing sweet potato fries for the first time in United States — at restaurants in Amarillo, Texas, it revealed in a tweet on Wednesday.

If enough people bite, the fries could go nationwide.

“Anyone else as excited as me? @McDonalds is testing sweet potato fries…#YUM #GetInMyBelly,” tweeted Jackie Jaquez.

But not everyone was sweet on the idea.

“Lordy, McDonalds is apparently testing sweet potato fries… officially doing too much,” tweeted Roly Gonzalez.

“McDonald’s is testing sweet potato fries (If this happens I’m giving up on abs and health)” added Brad Pilon.

Mickey D’s has been trying to appeal to health-minded customers in recent years by incorporating an array of natural food choices, including cage-free eggs and organic burgers. It rolled out sweet potato wedges in locations in Australia last September.

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