Homeless Woman Gives Birth in St. Peter’s Square, Receives Free Year in Vatican Apartment

Juan Silva/Getty Images

Juan Silva/Getty Images

You’ve heard of Southern hospitality, but what about Vatican hospitality?

A homeless woman gave birth to a baby girl on a cardboard box just outside of St. Peter’s Square early Wednesday, and was subsequently given a year’s stay in a Vatican-owned apartment.

Maria Capone, an Italian policewoman, helped deliver the baby with a few fellow officers and kept her and her mother warm with their coats until the ambulance arrived.

“I think [the temperature] was close to zero,” Capone told an Italian television station.

“The baby regained color on her face after we covered her,” another policeman added.

Archbishop Konrad Krajewski, the head of Pope Francis’s charity office, visited the mother and her child in a hospital and offered her a year-long stay in a Vatican-owned apartment. The woman and her partner, both Romanian, were familiar to Krajewski because the Vatican has started to reach out to the growing number of homeless individuals in the area.

Vatican City is an independent country within the city of Rome, Italy. As the smallest country in the world, it is governed as an absolute monarchy with the Pope at its head.

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