Woman live streams her boss asking for oral sex act so she can leave work early

Makana Milho, 21, claims her employer, Harold Villanueva Jr, pinched her bum on July 22 while she carried out a six-day community service order cleaning toilets.

Then – while driving her to the next set of bathrooms – he took her to an empty car park and began to ask for sexual favours.

Sensing danger the scared girl decided to live stream the conversation on Facebook.

In a shocking clip Villanueva can be heard telling Makana – who is transgender – that he can phone a friend for a condom.

She replies: “I’m kind of uncomfortable.”

Makana Milho was sexually harassed by Harold Villanueva Jr who has now been charged

Makana Milho was sexually harassed by Harold Villanueva Jr who has now been charged

The pervert then insinuates that he’d be happy with just some hand action.

He confirms, saying: “Yeah and a kiss.”

Stunned she replies: “Oh I gotta kiss you too?”

Villanueva says: “If you like. I like kissing. We can see if you get in the mood. After I can just drop you off.”

The boss then goes on to say she can go home “pretty soon” if she performs the sex act.

“If not then I’ll have to keep you until at least one o’clock,” he says.

A frightened Makana queries: “So if I don’t do sexual stuff I got to stay until one o’clock?”

He replies saying: “Yeah. Up to you what you want to do.”

Don't waste you're time on revenge. Those that hurt you will eventually face there own 💄💛👌

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Makana attempts to stall the situation by saying she’ll think about it and sitting in silence.

After long awkward pauses – and finally realising the frightened girl is not interested – a worried Villanueva tries to cover his tracks.

He asks: “Whatever we talked about is between me and you yeah?”

Little did he know it wasn’t – the video was watched by almost 200,000 people.

And viewers of the clip – filmed in Aeia, Hawaii on July 22 – were horrified.

One Facebook user wrote: “I hope that fat pig of a predator goes to jail for a very long time and has to register as an offender for the rest of his sorry life.”

Another agreed commenting: “No person should have to go through this type of situation ever!”

And a third: “You’re very brave and I admire you for what you’ve done. Keep moving forward!”

Makana has since taken the video down but has wrote: “Be kind to one another. I would never wish what I experienced to my worst enemies.

“I would like to personally take this time to thank all the people who sent me genuine words of encouragement and personal stories of what they experienced.”

Villanueva Jr, 47, was arrested and charged with fourth-degree sexual assault after she tagged police in the video, according to reports.

Makana was doing community service for stealing a handbag.

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