Embarrassed customer adds note to takeaway order asking restaurant not to judge greedy request

Britain loves a takeaway – but sometimes eyes can be bigger than bellies (Photo: Getty)

If you’ve ever decided to treat yourself to a takeaway on a Saturday night, you’ll be all too aware of the fear of looking like a greedy pig.

“I really want prawn crackers and spring rolls but I don’t want the delivery driver to judge me,” you might think to yourself.

Well, next time you have this dilemma, do not fear – all you have to do is put a note in the comments section of your order asking the restaurant not to think badly of you for your gluttonous request.

Someone in Toronto who was having a bad day recently decided to turn to fried comfort food from Fresco’s Fish & Chips and didn’t want to be judged for it.

A photo posted to Reddit of a bill from the restaurant shows three lots of mozzarella sticks, coming to $21.45, along with deep-fried pickles, slaw and a diet coke.

Three lots of mozzarella sticks to one lot of slaw and pickles? That’s a bit odd, isn’t it?

This customer felt it was necessary to explain why he needs three orders of mozzarella sticks. (i.redd.it)

To explain, the customer left a note pleading for the restaurant not to judge their greedy request.

It read: “Yes I meant to order 3 mozzarella sticks. Please don’t judge me. Im (sic) having a bad week and was so excited they were back on the menu.”

We’ve all been there.

Since the photo went viral on social media, restaurant owner Michael Fresco has said he’s received another note on an order, BuzzFeed News reports.

“Didn’t have as bad a week as the other person, but you need to give them a kick back for letting Toronto know the Mozza Sticks are back on the menu!” it read.

Fresco and his daughter Adriana, who posted the photo to Reddit, stressed that they’re not judgemental about this kind of thing.

“Sometimes, a bunch of fried food is just what you need on a bad day, or on any day, and that no one was actually judging the customer,” Adriana said.

We’ll keep that in mind next time we order noodles AND rice from the local Chinese.

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says: OMG I've been in that situation lots of times. Usually on bad days. LOL
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