McDonald’s reveals brand new uniform – unimpressed customers make the same savage joke

It’s a move away from the bright red and yellow (Photo: McDonalds)

There’s nothing like putting on a brand new outfit and feeling your finest – until someone tells you it doesn’t look so great.

Imagine the self-confidence levels of McDonald’s staff in the USA after they were given brand new uniforms, only to be mercilessly mocked on social media.

The official McDonald’s account has been excitedly sharing photos of the new threads on Twitter over the past few days.

But not everyone has been complimentary about the new, grey look…

Here it is

They’re not too bad, surely? (Photo: McDonalds)

There were Star Wars comparisons

…lots of Star Wars comparisons

Basically, everyone made the same joke.

Some thought Kanye had designed them

You might say they’re apocalyptic

Or like something out of the Hunger Games

And someone even compared them to Kim Jong un’s outfits

Basically, people aren’t happy

Hey, at least some customers like them

Read more about this from the source.

says: I for one love the new look. Like you can just put a nice blazer on and you can go straight to the club after ya shift. Ya know?
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