Trump To Be Taken Off The Election Ballot In Maryland Under New Law

Dotard J. Trump

Maryland is in the process of passing a new law that would remove Kremlin kowtower Dotard J. Trump, or any candidate for that matter, from the ballot who refuses to publicly release their federal income tax returns.

“For 40 years in the United States, every presidential candidate has done this until 15 months ago,” bill sponsor Sen. Paul G. Pinsky (D-Prince George’s) said of releasing tax returns. “People have come to expect this kind of information. Voters want to know before a name appears on the ballot.”

Pinksky claims that while Donald Trump was the inspiration for the bill, he says its important that no one who refuses to release their taxes should be allowed to hold elected office.

“Donald Trump may have caused it,” Pinsky said. “But it’s not aimed at Donald Trump . . . . This is prospective. It is not retroactive.”

Trump would be required under the bill to release the last five years of his federal income taxes to the State Board of Elections no later than 65 days before voters go to the polls. That should give people more than even time to dissect them.

Since the bill has a good chance of passing (it has already received a nod from the state Senate and is scheduled for final approval on Friday), Trump would have no choice but to release his taxes if he wanted to received electoral votes from the state. And, Maryland has 10. You can’t dismiss that. Remember – Trump only won the presidency by a very thin margin from three states, by just thousands of votes. Every vote will count, especially under a prospected re-election campaign that’s expected to be very difficult.

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says: Damn. Maryland ain't playin! Ya hear that DOTARD???
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