Woman arrested for dancing naked in Waffle House parking lot

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WEAR-TV) — A 38-year-old woman was arrested by deputies after she dropped her pants, blocked traffic and exposed herself at a local Waffle House.

According to the report, Escambia County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO) deputies responded to the Waffle House located at 6913 Pensacola Boulevard in reference to a Baker Act.

A Waffle House employee stated in the report, when he came to work on Monday Freedom Ryder Zobrist was trespassing on the property and due to her behavior, she was asked to leave the premises.

According to the report, the employee contacted police after Zobrist continued to cause problems and she eventually ran from the location leaving all her belongings behind.

The employee stated in the report, he did not want to throw Zobrist belongings away, therefore, he decided to move them to the back of the establishment so that Zobrist could retrieve them without interrupting anyone.

Zobrist later returned to the Waffle House and was sitting at the back door, says the report.

The employee told deputies in the report, he asked Zobrist to leave the property and she became verbally abusive, cussing, and threatened him.

The report says, Zobrist advised the employee she was going to retrieve a firearm and shoot him in the face and all of his employee and everyone in the store.

Zobrist then walked to the middle of the parking lot, pulled down her pants exposing her sexual organs and started dancing around in the parking lot, says the report.

The report revealed, Zobrist then approached the Waffle House employee while her pants were still down and sexual organs still exposed, and attempted to grab the man’s genitals.

When the employee attempted to prevent Zobrist from grabbing his genitals, the report states, Zobrist lean forward and licked the victim on both sides of his face.

Zobrist was asked again to leave the premises, says the report but instead poked the employee in his chest with her finger.

A witness stated in the report, while he was in his vehicle trying to leave the parking lot, Zobrist blocked him in and started dancing naked in front of his vehicle.

ECSO deputies arrested Zobrist for lewd and indecent exposure of sexual organs two counts with a bond of $1,000 per count, disorderly conduct with a bond of $ 1,000, battery with a bond of $ 1,000 and assault with a bond of $1,000, for a total bond of $5,000.

Zobrist is schedule to appear in court on February 11th.

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