Police: Ohio man raped 11-year-old who is now pregnant

Juan Leon-Gomez was arrested and charged with rape after a pregnant 11-year-old girl was found in his closet by officers (Picture: Stark County Jail)

A judge has set a $1 million bond for an Ohio man accused of raping a now-pregnant 11-year-old girl.

Police said Juan Leon-Gomez, 26, of Massillon, was arrested Wednesday after a mother reported that her daughter was missing.

The suspect’s roommate allowed police to search their home after the girl’s mother filed a missing person report, police said. When cops entered the residence, the 11-year-old was found in an upstairs bedroom closet.

Leon-Gomez was already the subject of an ongoing sexual assault investigation involving the girl, according to the Canton Repository.

In addition to rape charges, he is also facing charges of obstructing official business and contributing to the unruliness or delinquency of a child.

The magistrate said a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement hold has been placed on Leon-Gomez, which means if he posts bail he would be remanded to the agency’s custody.

Ohio’s new “heartbeat bill” means that the 11-year-old girl will likely be forced to carry the child to birth, regardless of the fact that she was raped.

According to NPR, the “Human Rights Protection Act,” as the heartbeat bill was renamed, bans abortions as early as five or six weeks, before many women even know they’re pregnant. It adds criminal penalties for doctors who violate the law, and does not include exceptions for cases of rape or incest.

“Ohio is the sixth state in the country to enact such a law, but none have yet to take effect due to lawsuits.”

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