Chris Evans was your dorky Mystery Date before he was Captain America

Before he was “Captain America,” Chris Evans was a “Mystery Date.” (Etsy; Getty Images)

Chris Evans has gone on millions of dates.

It’s not because he’s become an international superstar by playing Captain America in the “Avengers” films, nor is it thanks to establishing himself as leading man material in “Not Another Teen Movie” back in 2001. Actually it started a few years before that — with a tween-age board game game called Mystery Date.

Twitter recently discovered that one of Evans’ first gigs was posing on the Milton Bradley game box as “Tyler” — one of the three gentleman callers vying to go on a date with you, the pre-teen playing the game.

“I can’t believe my twelve year old self was dating Chris Evans this whole time,” wrote author Dana Schwartz on Twitter.

Mystery Date was first released in 1965 as a true board game, marketed to girls aged six to 14. It was reissued in 1970 as an updated board game, then again in 1999 and 2005 with an electronic cordless phone component — so players could actually give their suitor a call to set up their romantic rendezvous.

“Tyler” appeared in the 1999 version, when the now 38-year-old Evans would have been just 18.

Upon this revelation, those who once played Mystery Date, likely now in their 30s, are just figuring out one of their first inanimate crushes was a real life future hunk.

“This confirms one of the greatest #GlowUp of our generation,” tweeted comics fan @IamGregordeee.

“@ChrisEvans giving me unrealistic expectations of men since 2005. Meet you at secret Beach? 555-5555,” says jilted fan @stephanieethomp.

Some Marvel fans are even speculating that scrawny “Tyler” may have entered a freezing chamber a la Steve Rogers, and emerged 20 years later as hottie Chris Evans AKA Captain America.

“I don’t know. Family, stability… the guy who wanted all that went in the ice 75 years ago. I think someone else came out. No YOU hang up. No, YOU!” joked writer Matt Fernandez, partially lifting a quote from his character in “The Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

America’s boyfriend Evans, who’s known to be active on social media despite his presumably busy schedule, has yet to comment on this early cameo — hopefully not out of embarrassment.

“IT’S NOT HIS FAULT! HE WAS YOUNG, HE NEEDED THE MONEY!!!” said comics illustrator Jamal Yaseem Igle.

We get it, Chris, everyone has to start somewhere.

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