Man jumps in his car as it’s stolen from metro parking lot

OKLAHOMA CITY – A man risked his safety to rescue his car when he jumped into the passenger seat as it was driven away by a thief. It happened at about 5 p.m. at Gear Exchange, a guitar and music store near NW 36th and Grand.

Brad Falkner pulled up to the front door and left his car running as he ran inside to pick up a guitar that was being repaired.

“I went inside with the expectation that I would be in and out very quickly,” Falkner said.

As Falkner parked, a blue Dodge Caliber pulled up next to his car.

The driver got out and started to walk in, but a surveillance camera catches him make a motion to the woman in the passenger seat. Then, she’s seen crouched opening Falkner’s door, getting in the driver’s seat, and taking off.

Falkner said he was tipped off something weird was going on by the driver’s strange behavior as he walked in then quickly out of the store.

“He kind of uttered something under his breath, and said, “Oh, there’s no records here” and turned around and walked out,” Falkner said. “I looked back and saw that he left the door open, I thought that was kind of odd.”

Then Falkner saw his car driving away without him and took off after it. He caught it just as the lady thief was about to turn right and jumped into the passenger seat, barely making it in as she hit the gas.

“I didn’t attack her, but I was yelling at the top of my voice for certain right in her face,” he said. “I yelled some expletives that you won’t be able to broadcast.”

That was enough to get the woman to stop. She pulled over and ran back to the Dodge her alleged partner-in-crime was driving, and the two fled the intersection. Falkner tried to chase them but lost them at an intersection.

Now, Falkner wants to see them arrested before they try to do the same to someone else.

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