Dog brought back to life after being ‘technically dead’ for 10 minutes

Casper the King Charles Cavalier

Casper was a friendly ghost, for about 10 minutes.

A 13-year-old King Charles Cavalier was brought back to life after reportedly being dead for 10 minutes.

The dog, named Casper, was recently rushed to a veterinary clinic in Solihull, England, after he collapsed at home and stopped breathing, his owner, Gloria Jackson, told SWNS, a British news agency.

“I was just finishing for the day when I heard a lady scream, so a nurse and I ran to investigate to find Casper lying in Gloria’s arms,” recalled Deborah Hope, the clinical director at the facility the dog was treated at.

Hope, with the help of “every available nurse,” immediately began working on the dog, which was experiencing pulmonary edema – the buildup of fluid in the lungs – and was in heart failure, per SWNS.

“Fluid can accumulate in the lungs causing dogs to fight for breath but because Casper was unconscious, the fluid just ran out of him,” she said. “Casper had stopped breathing and he was in heart failure.”

“The nursing team immediately swung into action, gathering the equipment needed and helping with all the procedures.”

The team quickly began CPR on Casper while a tube was inserted into his airways. He was also given intravenous fluids to support blood circulation, Hope said. But despite all the efforts to save the pup, Hope was doubtful Casper would make a comeback.

“Usually, if presented with a case like Casper’s, we would not expect him to regain his heartbeat or breathing, but we were attempting to save him because that is what we do,” added Hope.

Moments later, Casper came back to life. His heartbeat and breathing resumed roughly 10 minutes after he had technically been dead.

“He regained consciousness [and] not just to the point of being awake, but actually responding to those around him,” said Hope.

If Jackson – who was with her 15-year-old son, Shaun, when Casper was rushed to the vet – had waited any longer to bring the dog in, he likely wouldn’t have survived.

“For a short period, Casper was technically dead, and if we hadn’t acted immediately, or Shaun and Gloria had arrived just a couple of minutes later, then I don’t think we could have started his heartbeat or breathing again,” added Hope.

Following a few “touch and go” days, “our beautiful Casper is back with us and doing really well,” said Jackson.

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