Car salesman makes 100th mountain out of molehill

Market: Mountain king

Market: mountain king

Paducah, KENTUCKY — Automotive vehicle salesman Desmond Market became the toast of his peers today after making his one hundredth mountain out of a molehill.

Market, 52, achieved the unprecedented milestone by engaging a colleague in a heated e-mail debate over paper clips.

“I didn’t even know they were counting,” said Market. “I went out for some baguettes, and when I came back, they had streamers and balloons all over the place. I was totally caught off-guard.”

Market, who has been with the Paducah Ford dealership for only two years, has impressed his co-workers with his uncanny ability to waste other people’s time making a big deal out of nothing.

“At first, I was really annoyed by it, ” said his supervisor Valerie Caer. “But over time, it became sort of cute and then it didn’t bother me so much.”

Caer said they don’t know exactly how many mountains Market has made out of molehills during his employment at Paducah Ford, but 100 is “about the ballpark figure.” She said they’re looking forward to his next hundred.

“Desmond is the Mountain King, man,” said Market’s co-worker John ‘Big Poppa’ Baldwin. “He’s the only salesman I know who would go out of his way to research and enumerate the benefits of coated paper clips rather than worry about his monthly sales target.”

Market has failed to make his sales quota for three months in a row. His November figures aren’t looking too promising, but the dealership isn’t worried.

“We’ll just chalk it to the bad economy and the war in Iraq like we’ve been doing the past couple of months,” said Caer.

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