Unilever releases commemorative Michael Jackson beauty bar

Dove Whiteface

Dove Whiteface: It don’t matter if you’re black or white.

Multinational corporation Unilever has expanded its Dove personal care product line with the release of a commemorative Michael Jackson beauty bar called ‘Dove Whiteface.’

“We wanted to celebrate Michael Jackson the best way we can, and we feel this is it,” said Chairman Michael Treschow. “We understand and feel deeply for Michael’s struggle with vitiligo and hope this new product would help others suffering from the same condition.”

Vitiligo is a relatively common chronic skin disorder that causes loss of pigmentation in patches of skin. Jackson said he suffered from the condition, which eventually led him to the drastic measure of eradicating the pigmentation in his entire body.

The product, which shipped to retails stores worldwide just days after the televised memorial service for the late King of Pop, contains the active ingredient monobenzene which not just lightens but actually removes pigment from the skin. Regular use of the product would eventually leave a permanent albino complexion. Unfortunately, anyone who uses the product would have to stay away from the sun for the rest of their life, a side-effect which Treschow says is acceptable.

“You get to have beautiful alabaster skin. So what if you have to carry an umbrella or wear a mask in public at all times?” said Treschow.

Michael Jackson’s family has not officially sanctioned Whiteface, but his sister LaToya reportedly has already ordered a year’s supply.

“She’s crazy about it. She understands the product, and we are happy to give it to her at cost,” said Unilever Marketing Chief Ceska Torche. “We are actually considering her as the official spokesperson.”

Whiteface retails at $365 for a package of two bars.

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