‘Luddite’ barber thwarts Instagram user snapping pole, remains in Early Middle Ages


Luddite barber: don’t Instagram him

Beauty, KY — A Luddite barber shop owner has successfully kept his business firmly entrenched in the Early Middle Ages after thwarting an Instagram user’s attempt to photograph the barber’s pole installed outside his place of business.

Benito Morrelinni, 74, said Monday he caught photojournalist Darren McAnally setting up and snapping an artistic shot of the iconic barber shop marker outside his shop, Sailor & Bolt Barber Spa, and promptly questioned him about his intentions.

After McAnally told him that he was taking a photo for Instagram, Morrelinni became visibly agitated.

“He called me a damn hipster, and said I couldn’t take a photo of his business without asking first,” said McAnally, 22.

Morrelinni said he was within his rights as a business owner to stop people from photographing his business, even if it means spreading awareness of his establishment and attracting more customers.

“I don’t care if the picture is for the damn Pope. Nobody photographs my business and sends it through some hogwash telegram network. No way, no how,” said Morrelinni adamantly.

Not wanting to further upset the elderly Luddite barber, McAnally quickly deleted the photograph from his smartphone and snapped a picture of the clouds overhead instead. It was his 254th Instagram post involving cloud formations.

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