Amazon to offer delivery by mule


Jeff Bezos: Excited about the mules

Seattle, WA — If you’re an customer, you could soon be getting your physical merchandise delivered to you by mule.

The online retail giant is launching a pilot program that aims to expand their fulfillment operations to include delivery options using the hardworking sterile offspring of male donkeys and female horses.

In a press conference Friday, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos announced the initiative widely viewed by many experts as a determined bid to further strengthen Amazon’s market share and solidify its status as online powerhouse and pioneer.

“The idea is to reconnect with our trade roots, to recapture that old wonderful feeling of waiting patiently for the mule bearing your package to come to your door. The age of technology and high-speed delivery has somewhat dimmed that magic and we want to bring it back,” said Bezos.

The pilot program will launch in California and Nevada in the spring next year. If successful, the company aims to expand it nationwide by the end of the year.

Bezos said he is “thrilled and very, very excited” about the program and revealed there are already plans to launch similar initiatives in other territories.

“The mule is such a powerful, universal symbol for sheer hard work. We at Amazon believe that people all around the world will respond positively to this new direction,” Bezos added.

Amazon’s delivery by mule will cost $159.95 per package below 5 kilograms, with a surcharge of $44.95 per additional kilogram. Packages are expected to be delivered in 6 to 12 months.

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