Accounts Receivable clerk insists invoice requests ‘not AR’

AR clerk Joyce Boyle at her desk

Climax, MN — Longtime Accounts Receivable clerk Joyce Boyle shocked colleagues Friday after she insisted that invoice requests are “not AR.”

Boyle, 47, made the explosive claim in an email response to a coworker who had sent a request for an invoice to a general email address set up for the Accounts Receivable department of Abernathy Beauty Supplies, Inc., a small Minnesota firm distributing low-cost beauty products.

Inside sales person Elmer Gunn, 29, said he was taken aback by Boyle’s pointed insistence that the AR general email address is “only for matters concerning payments” and that requests for invoices should be directed to the general email address set up specifically for Order Entry.

“I’d always assumed that invoices and payments fall under Accounts Receivables. They’re like that in most companies, aren’t they?” Gunn asked in the heated email exchange.

“Nope,” Boyle dryly wrote back. “It’s not a receivable until it’s invoiced.”

It is not clear why Boyle had made her outrageous claim, which goes against industry norms. Indeed, most businesses in America consider preparing invoices as among the primary processes for which Accounts Receivable departments are responsible.

“I gave up by the seventh email. It was a futile conversation. In her mind, preparing invoices is not AR and there was no changing that so I just asked someone else to do it for me,” said Gunn, who took an extended lunch break and caught a screening of The Bye Bye Man to depressurize.

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