Teen dead after Lady Gaga incubation stunt

Lady Gaga: Weird teen killer?

Cape May, NJ — The parents of a teenager who suffocated to death after copying Lady Gaga’s egg incubation stunt are considering a lawsuit against the singer for involuntary manslaughter.

Chance Coleman, 14, died after the air-tight storage chest in which he placed himself accidentally locked up. The teen hadn’t been seen or heard from since Thursday when he posted an update on his Facebook account telling all his friends that he was “off to incubate for three days like Gaga.”

The teen was referring to the “Poker Face” singer’s appearance on the Good Morning America show in which she claimed that she stayed inside a giant egg for three days, and the experience she had convinced her that “we all need to be inside a vessel for three whole days.” The pop singer was responding to a question about the specially-crafted contraption from which she emerged during last Sunday’s Grammy Awards ceremony.

“Chance copies Gaga all the time, so I didn’t think much of it when he announced his plan,” said 15-year-old Jonas DiMateo, the teen’s best friend. “I mean, he once braided his hair with used condoms and showed up at school wearing his dad’s hockey tape as a shirt.”

Coleman’s lifeless body was discovered after friends showed up at his house the next day, wondering how his incubation went. His parents, Jim and Louise Coleman, had assumed he was out hanging out with his friends.

Cape May City Police Sgt. Dorotea DiMecci, who responded to the 911 call, said it’s a sad day when the life of a young individual is cut so short, simply because of the “sheer stupidity of some people.”

“Lady Gaga should know better than to spout off remarks like what she said on TV,” said DiMecci. “She has some very impressionable fans.”

Jim and Louise Coleman said that as soon as they put the tragic event behind them, they will “seriously consider legal action.”

“If we didn’t have Lady Gaga going on TV in an egg, our son would still be with us today,” said the distraught couple. “To many people, Lady Gaga may be a pop idol, but to us, she is and will always be nothing but a weird teen killer.”

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