Adele’s ‘sleepy’ music blamed in multi-vehicle crash

Adele catches a few winks on the video for "Hello"

Adele catches a few winks on the video for “Hello”

Frankfort, MI — The driver of a semi tractor-trailer that caused a multi-vehicle crash on Highway 31 near Traverse City on Monday told crash investigators he fell asleep at the wheel while listening to Adele’s new CD, 25.

Livonia resident Dennis Causwell, 52, was transporting cow manure at around 7 A.M. when he lost control of the semi, which jackknifed and hit other vehicles on both directions. The impact caused some of the cow manure to spill on the highway. Nobody was injured, but the highway had to be shut down for over four hours for cleanup.

Causwell has been arraigned on misdemeanor charges of dangerous driving causing damage to property, and is due in court next month.

Speaking to police, Causwell said he regrets putting on the Adele CD that his wife gave him for Christmas.

“I believe I was a minute into the first song when I dozed off,” Causwell said. “I really didn’t want to put that thing on, but my wife says it’s an incredible record so I gave it a shot. Boy did I learn that lesson.”

Benzie County Sheriff Ted Schendel said falling asleep at the wheel is a common problem among truckers, but it’s something that definitely can be prevented.

“If you’re tired or fatigued, pull over at a rest stop and catch forty winks. And for God’s sake, don’t put on some boring music that will exacerbate your situation. Listen to some Kid Rock or something,” said Schendel.

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