Raunchy ‘B’ shows off Oprah’s other side

B: The Other Side Of Oprah

B: The Other Side Of Oprah

Move over FHM and Maxim and make room for Oprah Winfrey’s jelly.

The ubiquitous celebrity talk show host and zeitgeist manipulator, and Hearst Magazines, publisher of her popular women’s magazine O, take aim at the male demographic with the launch of B, a spinoff publication aiming to reveal Ms. Winfrey’s raunchier side.

Cathie Black, Hearst Magazines president, said the move into the men’s magazine market was a natural progression for Winfrey.

“Oprah’s had tremendous success with O. She felt it was time to expand her horizons, and logically, the male demographic was the next step,” said Black. “She won’t stop until she is the queen of everything.”

“Now prepare to see Oprah in a different light as the quintessential harlot of our time.”

Stylistically, the new magazine retains the template that made O stand out from the competition, and will continue to pamper Winfrey’s egocentric tendencies. However, while O distinguished itself by exclusively having Winfrey appear front side on the cover, B will showcase her uncelebrated back side.

Interim Editor-in-Chief Susan Casey, who also runs O, is particularly thrilled.

“I’ve told Oprah time and time again that she has a fine black ass and she needs to feel proud of it, to flaunt it more,” says Casey. “I am excited that we finally get to do that with this new baby of hers.”

Casey also promised they have plenty of exciting and neat things in store for “all the men out there.”

“Over the years, you’ve all become familiar with Oprah’s wholesome, Africa-helping, Obama-supporting, Chris Brown-denouncing side,” said Casey. “Now prepare to see Oprah in a different light as the quintessential harlot of our time.”

The introductory issue of B includes such risque topics as “How To Convince Her To Take It From Behind” and “101 Ways To Eat Poon Tang,” and has on the cover a close-up of Ms. Winfrey’s heavily airbrushed back side in a flimsy bikini. Casey said they are not concerned about the initial public reaction to it.

“Yes, we’re all aware that Oprah’s ass doesn’t really look like that, but it’s no secret in the men’s magazine market that everybody gets Photoshopped,” said Casey. “All I’m saying is let she or he who has not been airbrushed cast the first stone.”

B: The Debut Issue is now available on magazine stands and at fine bookstores everywhere in the United States and Canada.

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