Pedophiles to get makeovers in new reality show

New York City, NY — U.S. television network ABC has officially greenlit a new “Extreme Makeover” spin-off reality show that will transform accused and convicted pedophiles from scary undateable monsters into beautiful respectable swans.

ABC Entertainment Group president Stephen McPherson said production has already commenced on the show, which will be known officially as “Extreme Makeover: Pedophile Edition.” Dateline correspondent and “To Catch A Predator” reporter Chris Hansen will be on loan from NBC indefinitely to host the new show.

The first pedophile to be featured on the show will be Sylvia Johnson, the Colorado woman who provided marijuana, methamphetamine and alcohol to eight boys and had sex with five of them at parties held at her suburban Denver home in 2003 and 2004. She was convicted in 2005 of two counts of sexual assault, and nine counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

“Sylvia’s serving a 30-year prison sentence, so it’s going to be a tricky and tough shoot,” said McPherson. “But it’s okay. We like challenges like that.”

Johnson: From pedophile to pretty

According to McPherson, the idea for the show came from Walt Disney CEO Robert Iger. “Bob couldn’t get Sylvia’s face out of his head for the longest time,” said McPherson. “He was convinced that had Sylvia gotten a makeover and been given a fair shake at scoring grown-up dudes, she wouldn’t be chasing after helpless and inexperienced young boys.”

There are plans in the future to expand the premise of the show and add “The Bachelor/Bachelorette” elements to it but for now McPherson said the show will primarily focus on “beautifying the beastly.”

“Our focus group research shows that this is going to be a ratings juggernaut,” McPherson said. “You hit two birds with one stone: satisfy the never-ending craving of the masses for trashy but totally addictive shows, and reform homely pedophiles into healthy, productive and beautiful members of society who will have the confidence in themselves to find true, legal, non-jailbait love.”

McPherson said he personally can’t wait to see Johnson’s reveal at the end of her two-part episode. “It’s going to be mind-blowing,” he added.

“Extreme Makeover: Pedophile Edition” is tentatively scheduled to premiere in the summer of 2010.

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