Brokeback Mountain to be re-released in 3D

Cowboy love in 3D glory

Los Angeles, CA — Dust off your Stetsons and get ready for a galloping, eye-popping ride back to Brokeback Mountain.

The Oscar-winning 2005 film depicting the romantic and sexual relationship between two men in the American West from 1963 to 1983 is presently getting the full stereoscopic 3D treatment, and will be re-released in theaters in the next few months.

James Schamus, head of Focus Features, which released the film in association with Paramount Pictures during its original run, said now is the right time to revisit the groundbreaking film and give it a “special twist” to entice those who’ve seen and loved it to come and see it again.

“The continuing oppression of homosexuals everywhere definitely provided the impetus for this re-release,” said Schamus. “We decided to convert the film into 3D in order to highlight and emphasize this glaring and unfortunate reality.”

An exact re-release date is yet to be determined, but Schamus said they “definitely want to get it out before the awards season gets underway.”

Schamus said fans of the movie can expect a richer, fuller experience when they see the 3D version, adding that it will be “as if you are right there inside the tent with Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal.”

“Personally, I can’t wait to see the scene where Jake and Anne Hathaway get cozy in the car,” said Schamus. “Anne’s boobs are going to be glorious in 3D!”

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