Lady Gaga believes ‘Born This Way’ sold 200 million units in debut week

Lady Gaga: Validate me

The final numbers aren’t in yet, but Lady Gaga has already officially declared her “Born This Way” CD as “the ultimate smash hit album of all time” since its release on May 23rd.

In a telephone interview with Los Angeles radio station WKRZ 99.1, the “Poker Face” singer proudly gushed over the album’s success, estimating its first week worldwide sales at 200 million copies.

“Like, I know the number is a little steep and all, but hear me out… The average regular price of a CD these days is $15, right? If you totaled the sales of all the copies sold at that price, divided it by 99 cents, and then added the resulting number to the total number of units I gave away at 99 cents, you would totally arrive at 200 million. You savvy?” Gaga explained to WKRZ DJ Darcy Moran.

“Um, I guess,” a bewildered Moran replied.

The New York-based singer was referring to the outrageously discounted pricing of “Born This Way” at last week, which inflated the album’s total sales in the United States by a great margin.

“So, like, this proves I’m totally the greatest artist in like, ever. That people will pay 99 cents for my album. Like, I should be in the Guinness Book or something. Go on, like, just say it to me already. Affirm me, validate me, come on…” the singer quipped before laughing and then bursting into a coughing spell that lasted for thirty seconds.

In the interview that lasted for ten minutes, Lady Gaga also talked about how she’s already planning to top her achievement with her next album.

“I’m going to do a duets album with David Hasselhoff and Wayne Newton and sell it for 10 cents,” she told Moran.

At the end of their conversation, the singer reminded all her fans who were listening that the album will be on sale again for 99 cents at this week, “so, like, get another copy or 92. Help me, my monsters. Validate me.”

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