‘Cheeky’ alternate cover art for Tony Bennett-Lady Gaga jazz album revealed

The deluxe version of Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga’s first collaborative jazz album, Cheek To Cheek, will feature on its cover a close-up of a fish with a crustacean parasite lodged in its mouth.

The outlandishly cheeky artwork was revealed by the two singers in a cover story interview for Parade Magazine’s September 14th, 2014 issue.


Gaga told writer Dotson Rader she came up with the idea after watching a Discovery Channel program about the Cymothoa exigua, a parasitic crustacean of the family Cymothoidae which enters fish through the gills, and then attaches itself to the fish’s tongue.

“It just really spoke to me, you know, how this little thing survives against the odds in the vast unfriendly sea of life, and then there’s this fish that cradles it and nurtures it. It’s how I see my friendship and work with Tony,” said Gaga. “Six months ago I didn’t even want to sing anymore. I tell Tony every day that he saved my life.”

“She (Gaga) actually wanted this alternate cover to be on the standard release,” said Bennett. “But we both decided in the end it might not be the best thing to do. You know my fans aren’t as young and hip as her fans are. They get scared easily.”

Both the standard and deluxe versions of Cheek To Cheek will be released on September 23, 2014.

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