Area man trudges through ‘Westworld’ despite show’s ‘pretentious bullshit’

Courtesy of HBO

Big Arm, Montana — A Lake County man recently finished the second season of the HBO series “Westworld” after many months of contemplating whether or not “it’s worth suffering through its pretentious bullshit.”

Jedediah Greenberg, 56, said he felt he had no choice but to continue watching the show, since he’s already “balls deep into it.”

“It’s a sunk cost, really,” said the electrician. “I’m at the point where I can’t give up on it because I’ve already invested so much of my time and patience.”

Greenberg said Season 2 was particularly hard to trudge through and required him to constantly go on the Internet to find answers to lingering questions after each episode.

“One time I spent nearly 8 hours on reddit trying to find some closure regarding Hughes and Stubbs,” Greenberg quipped. “It never came. I’m still searching.”

Season 3 of the hit HBO series is currently being filmed. The season premiere date has yet to be determined.

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