Avid moviegoer realizes ‘A Star Is Born’ 2018 remake not really all that great

R. Kelly with ‘A Star Is Born’ actress

Bradley Cooper’s 2018 remake of “A Star Is Born” wasn’t really all that great, an avid moviegoer and film aficionado has realized.

In a Facebook post, Joseph Willis, 39, said it dawned on him last week that the remake starring Cooper himself and experienced awards show groupie Lady Gaga was “middling at best” after rewatching the 1954 remake that was hailed as Judy Garland’s first great big comeback and universally loved by both the critics and the masses.

Joseph Willis: “I felt conned”

Willis apologized for his earlier assertions on social media that “A Star Is Born” is right up there with the Citizen Kanes and the Gone With The Winds in terms of sheer artistic quality, saying that he was “blinded and misled” by the overwhelmingly glowing reviews he’d read about on Twitter and Facebook.

“In all honesty, I was just lazy and a little bit naive to believe everything I had read online. I just assumed that since I was seeing all these positive posts on Twitter and Facebook from all these accounts that seemed to suddenly come out of the woodwork, that the movie was artistically superior in every way,” Willis said, adding that he felt conned and deceived.

Willis promised that he will be more discerning in the future, and “not believe everything that Vanity Fair, Forbes and Variety tell me to believe.” The federal worker is participating in an Oscar pool this year, and will be rooting for “Green Book” to win Best Picture. The 91st Oscars will be held February 24th.

Cooper’s 2018 remake of the film classic only cost about $36 million USD, but it was heavily marketed as Lady Gaga’s resurrection project months before the film was even released. Marketing experts believe the total promotional cost for the movie could conceivably top $150 million, given Gaga’s penchant for going over the top.

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