God-mocking website missing, feared smitten

Vancouver, BC — Popular atheistic website godsux.com, which regularly mocked and satirized the concept of a Divine Creator, has vanished from the Internet and is being feared smitten by the Almighty One Himself.

Lana Humphrey, who has followed the website devotedly since its launch in 2000, said she has been unable to connect to the site’s server since Friday morning last week. Attempts to contact Carmen Koehl, the site’s primary owner, have also proven futile.

“All my emails were being bounced right back as undeliverable,” said the 22-year-old Humphrey. “It’s so puzzling how the site could disappear just like that without so much as a word.”

Christians who have staunchly opposed and criticized godsux.com over the years are rejoicing over the news of its disappearance and claim that “God has finally delivered judgment by smiting that foul and mean website out of existence.”

Jason Rowe, who heads the Canadian chapter of the Legion Of Christians, said he still holds hope that “the people behind godsux.com will eventually find redemption and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour despite everything they have done.”

“The Lord Jesus loves everyone, even the most vicious and evil,” said Rowe. “All you have to do is turn from your evil ways and you will be allowed in the Kingdom of God.”

When told that godsux.com could simply be having temporary technical problems and might be returning to its regular God-mocking ways soon, Rowe countered with a smile, “No, we’re pretty sure that they’ve been smitten by God. One hundred and ten percent sure.”

Humphrey said she is extremely disappointed by the whole situation.

“If God really did smite godsux.com, then that just proves how uncool, unsportsmanlike and immature He is,” said Humphrey. “I mean, you’re God. Can’t you take a joke?”

CanNet, godsux.com’s web hosting provider, could not be reached for comment.

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