Prostitutes provide free sex to homeless

Kid Stone: Free blowjob was ‘wicked’

Las Vegas, NV — Altruistic prostitutes in the greater Las Vegas metropolitan area have joined forces to provide sexual services to homeless people free of charge.

Called Whores For The Homeless (WFTH), the group is comprised mostly of female sex trade workers who pleasure “unfortunate souls who can’t afford to pay for sex” on weekly “brothels-on-the-go” — inconspicuous abandoned delivery vans scattered throughout the Las Vegas downtown core.

The pro bono initiative was the brainchild of Lurleen “Daisy” Matlin, a veteran 46-year-old prostitute who survived homelessness and life on the street, and emerged as a successful hooker with her own trailer. Matlin said she wanted to give something back to the community the best way she knows.

“At first it was just me doing it, but other hookers got on board eventually,” said Matlin. “Homeless people have sexual needs, too, and we recognize that, and that’s why we’re here.”

Matlin said they primarily provide handjobs, which last anywhere from 3 to 6 minutes, but prostitutes can use their discretion and provide something more.

“Our time is extremely valuable, obviously, so we try to limit our services to three-minute handjobs,” said Matlin. “But sometimes you get the rare goodlooking street kid who looks like Shia LaBeouf, and you just want to give them a blowjob instead.”

Kid Stone, a 25-year-old crack addict who lives under the Clark Avenue Railroad Underpass, is one such rarity.

“I got into the van expecting nothing more than a tug in my pants, but instead got a wicked blowjob,” he said. “Man, that Lurleen is the best.”

Most of the homeless clients that take advantage of Whores For The Homeless are heterosexual males, but requests from homeless straight women, gay men and lesbians are on the rise and are starting to overwhelm them, says Matlin.

“The one male escort that we have on our team is up to his neck with his charity work,” she said. “We really could use more male hookers up in here.”

Las Vegas Police Chief Douglas C. Gillespie said that prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas, but they are turning a blind eye to Whores For The Homeless.

“These hookers are doing something good for the community, and we can’t stand in the way of that,” Gillespie said.

Since the launch of Whores For The Homeless in mid-January, there has been a significant drop in petty and violent crimes committed by homeless citizens. Gillespie believes Matlin’s group has had a huge influence on the change.

“There’s no doubt about it. When you’ve got a sexually satisfied population, everyone behaves and nobody gets hurt,” he said.

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