Lady Gaga fan, 12, ‘feeling duped’ after discovering Madonna, Kylie, Grace Jones

“Bummed out” tween looks at her toes

Surrey, BC — A devout Lady Gaga fan is left disenchanted and feeling “duped” after learning about the existence of evergreen pop queens Madonna, Kylie Minogue and Grace Jones.

Bella Crusher, 12, made the discovery after she went through her mother’s record collection to look for her Lady Gaga CD.

“I thought she had my copy of ‘The Fame Monster.’ She didn’t have it,” said Crusher. “But I found all this other stuff that was, like, so amazing.”

After listening to and being blown away by Madonna’s “Like A Prayer,” Minogue’s “Light Years” and Jones’s “Inside Story,” the tween took to the Internet to learn more about “these awesome ladies.”

Crusher said she could not believe that all “these other women had already done the things that Lady Gaga is doing today.” The tween also subsequently found out that one of the Jackass guys had already pulled off the meat-as-clothing stunt in one of their earlier episodes.

“I really thought she was original, but she just copies other people’s stuff and passes it off to her fans like she’s the one who came up with it,” Crusher said.

The tween added that although she is “bummed out” that her pop idol turned out to be a larcenous hack, she’ll get over it soon enough.

“It’s okay, really. I understand. She was probably born that way,” she said.

The “Poker Face” singer’s new single and album, both called “Born This Way,” are being released this Spring.

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