Female Muslims ask gays for roadside assistance, receive fashion, beauty tips instead

Adeeba Dassim and daughter Khadeeja: Thankful for the gays.

Adeeba Dassim and daughter Khadeeja: Thankful for the gays.

Salt Lake City, UT — Two Muslim women in dire need of roadside assistance after their SUV broke down found themselves receiving priceless fashion and beauty tips instead from a group of gay men they had asked for help.

Adeeba Dassim, 47, and her daughter Khadeeja, 16, were stranded on Interstate 15 near New Harmony after experiencing engine trouble with their 1997 Ford Explorer Saturday night.

“We were on our way to a family gathering in Provo, and suddenly I noticed smoke coming out of the hood and started hearing strange gunshot-like sounds. At first I thought we were being shot at,” said Dassim.

The full-time homemaker and mother of four said she immediately pulled over to the emergency shoulder to call for help, but became frantic after discovering that neither her cell phone nor her daughter’s worked. Dassim then got out of the vehicle and began waving at passing motorists for assistance. After more than 10 minutes, a 2010 Acura ZDX carrying three homosexual men on their way to Salt Lake City pulled over in front of them.

Kevin Darcy, 31, said he and his friends Marcelo Gomez and Devon Martinez are the “worst people to ask for help” when it comes to automotive engine troubles.

“Like, I wouldn’t know a piston if it bit me in the face,” said Darcy, chuckling. “But I noticed that Adeeba could use a little more moisturizing so I told her to check out Clarins Double Serum.”

Gomez and Martinez also gave the two women some tips on how to accessorize properly and color-coordinate their hijabs.

“Pastel is all the rage these days so I told them not to be afraid to explore colorful options,” said Martinez, a 28-year-old beautician visiting from Nevada.

Amid the talk about fashion and beauty, Darcy lent Dassim his iPhone 6 so that she could call her husband Amir, who was able to come with a towing vehicle within 20 minutes.

“Thank Allah for those homosexual men. They were useless in terms of fixing car engines, but their fashion and beauty tips really opened my eyes,” said Dassim. “I am especially thankful for their advice on facials and microdermabrasion.”

Dassim said she hopes that “Allah will be merciful to them on the Day of Judgment.”

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