Area man realizes boneless chicken wings ‘basically just chicken nuggets’

It's just not the same as real chicken wings, Kendrick says.

It’s just not the same as real chicken wings, Kendrick says.

Portland, OR — A Goose Hollow resident is mildly irritated after realizing the boneless chicken wings he ordered for dinner from his local Wingstop were “basically just chicken nuggets slathered in spicy Buffalo sauce.”

Calvin Kendrick, 54, said he learned the unsavory truth “the moment I opened the container after the delivery guy left.”

“It just looked like a bunch of chicken nuggets from McDonald’s all covered in sauce. It was the most unappealing thing I have ever seen,” said Kendrick, a known foodie. “They really should just call them sauced up chicken nuggets. Call a spade a spade.”

Kendrick says he definitely does not intend to order boneless chicken wings, not from Wingstop or any other place.

“I’m going to stick to real chicken wings from now on. Nothing compares to them, hands down,” said Kendrick. “Or should I say, wings down.”

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