Economic inequality to blame for Zika outbreak, says Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders making a point at a campaign stop

Bernie Sanders making a point at a campaign stop

Gas, KS — U.S. presidential aspirant Bernie Sanders believes the current Zika virus outbreak would not have happened “if there was no economic inequality in the world.”

Sanders made the bold remark while speaking to a group of health professionals at a campaign stop in Kansas ahead of the state’s caucuses this weekend.

The socialist-leaning radical Democrat was asked about the outbreak that has prompted the World Health Organization to declare a public health emergency early last month, and what steps he would take to prevent such outbreaks from happening if he was elected President.

“Clearly this is part of a long-term trend of massive levels of income and wealth inequality, of not providing the kind of resources that we need for our children – of more worry about tax breaks for billionaires than decent schools or decent infrastructure,” said Sanders. “If everyone was on the same level economically, there will be zero chances for the Zika virus to spread and become a threat to our health and our way of life. I guarantee you that.”

When asked to elaborate on his claim, Sanders instructed the questioner to visit his campaign website for details, as well as to make a donation.

“Unless we have the courage to look at the truth, unless we have the courage to face reality, it is hard for us as a community or a nation to prevent the outbreak of deadly infections like the Zika virus,” he said.

Sanders has previously cited economic inequality as the root cause of global warming/climate change, the proliferation of illegal firearms in the United States, the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, the popularity of the Kardashians, and the death of disco.

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