AARP slams Machine Gun Kelly for ‘abuse of elderly’ over Eminem diss track

Eminem & Machine Gun Kelly

Washington, D.C. — The AARP (formerly American Association of Retired Persons) has issued a scathing rebuke of Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly for releasing his Eminem diss track “Rap Devil,” calling it “abuse of the elderly.”

In a statement released to media outlets, AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins called Machine Gun Kelly, 28, a “disrespectful whipper-snapper” in response to his very pointed and unsavory lyrics alluding to Eminem’s advanced years.

“Machine Gun Kelly’s decision to communicate in such a discourteous and ill-mannered way is undermining the very foundation of decency and civility of our society,” said Jenkins. “Such behavior is despicable and does nothing but promote violence and discrimination against the aged.”

Machine Gun Kelly, whose real name is Richard Colson Baker, has not responded publicly to the AARP statement, although sources close to the rapper say he is “definitely preparing an AARP diss track.”

The feud between the two rappers escalated following the surprise release of Eminem’s tenth studio album, Kamikaze, which included the track “Not Alike” on which the “8 Mile” rapper, 45, criticizes the young rapper over a 2012 tweet about his daughter Hailie.

Kamikaze debuted on top of the Billboard 200 Album Chart this week, while “Rap Devil” has been at No. 1 on the iTunes charts since its release last week.

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