Fundraising charity established to aid white supremacists outed in deadly Charlottesville demonstration

A shot of young Nazi demonstrators in Charlottesville

Charlottesville, Virginia — A charity has been set up to assist young male white supremacists whose chances for prosperous and productive lives were permanently shattered after being publicly identified as participants in the deadly white supremacy demonstration in Charlottesville this past weekend.

The Robert E. Lee Organization Aiding Disadvantaged White People (RELOAD, White People!) was created and registered Wednesday in Richmond, Virginia, and will primarily focus on raising funds in order to assist said disadvantaged young white male bigots and racists in “navigating and succeeding in a treacherous, unfair world overrun by people who insist that all men are created equal.”

Leonard Maxwell, the charity’s founder, said they have already begun reaching out to several individuals who have been outed as bigoted white supremacists on social media after images from the Charlottesville rally Friday night went viral.

Another shot of young Nazi demonstrators in Charlottesville

“These are vibrant young men – some very fine people – who had the misfortune of being exposed on social media for their hard line belief that the white race is the supreme race… by some very inconsiderate people who do not share their views,” said Maxwell. “We are here to make sure they have a fair shot in life so that they may reach their full potential.”

Among the free services the charity plans to provide to the outed racists are career counseling and job placement assistance, legal advice, identity change assistance, and, in some cases, financial and housing assistance.

Volunteers for the charity are constantly monitoring Twitter and Facebook as people continue to identify the individuals who were photographed looking angry, holding torches, and chanting the old Nazi battle cry “blood and soil” and “Jews will not replace us” at the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville.

Among those identified thus far are Cole White from California, Peter Cvjetanovic of Nevada (dubbed as the Hazel Bryan of 2017), Peter Tefft of North Dakota, James Allsup of Washington State, Ryan Martin of Ohio and Jacob Dix, also of Ohio. According to reports, White had lost his job at a hot dog eatery in Berkeley shortly after being outed as a white supremacist.

“It’s absolutely unfair what these young men are having to endure for expressing their belief in white supremacy. We can only hope that we can mitigate some of the damage,” said Maxwell. “You never know, one of these young men could be President of the United States someday.”

Anyone who wishes to donate to RELOAD, White People! may do so by contacting the charity by phone at 1-888-LUV-NAZI (1-888-588-6294) or the charity’s website at

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