Melania Trump reveals she has I.Q. of over 200, deserved ‘Einstein visa’

Melania Trump

Washington, D.C. — Slovenia’s No. 1 export to the U.S. Melania Trump has hit back at sustained questioning of her pathway to U.S. citizenship, saying that she is “smart and totally deserved” the Green Card she obtained through the EB-1 programs, or the “Einstein visa.”

Speaking before the White House press corps, Mrs. Trump (née Knauss) displayed poise and glamor as she addressed lingering questions about the legality of the methods that got her the coveted spot in the exclusive programs normally reserved for people with “extraordinary ability, are an outstanding professor or researcher, or are a multinational executive or manager,” according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

“My immigration to this wonderful country was done legally above board and in compliance with established policies and regulations,” she stressed emphatically in confident, well-rehearsed English. “I did not do anything that violated the law. I deserved that Green Card.”

The former GQ Magazine cover model said that her extremely high intelligence quotient and marginal success as a fashion model were “more than enough” to qualify her for the Einstein visa.

“No one knows this, but I am the smartest fashion model the fashion industry has ever known. I have an I.Q. of over 200 on the Terman scale,” said Mrs. Trump before proceeding to demonstrate her intelligence by solving differential equations on the spot and offering her thoughts on the interpretation of quantum mechanics.

Melania Trump’s pathway to citizenship came under renewed scrutiny after her husband revived his hardline stance on immigration, including making it harder to get H-1B visas and vowing to end “chain migration” — a process that reportedly put his very own in-laws on the path to full U.S. citizenship.

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