Trump to deliver State of the Union address from golden toilet via Twitter

Dotard Trump and the golden toilet

Washington, D.C. — Demolishing yet again another White House norm, autocrat adorer and hamburger enthusiast Dotard Trump is said to be planning on delivering this year’s State Of The Union address via a Twitter live feed from his golden toilet.

According to White House sources, Trump no longer cares whether or not Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will extend the invitation for him to address the joint session of the United States Congress on January 29th.

“Speaker Pelosi forgot who she’s dealing with here. Mr. Trump will not back down or concede to anything, let alone to a female Democrat,” said White House Senior Adviser Stephen Miller. “He will do it his way, and use the most powerful communication tool he has available at his fingertips.”

The White House press office has not officially commented on Trump’s State Of The Union plan, but it is widely expected to make the announcement shortly in order to ensure all of his 57.6 million followers on Twitter will tune in to the truly historic event.

Since Franklin Roosevelt, the State of the Union is given typically each January before a joint session of the U.S. Congress and is held in the House of Representatives chamber of the United States Capitol. If Trump pushes ahead with his plan, it will mark the first time the speech is delivered from a toilet.

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