U.S. Senator Susan Collins to introduce ‘wire hanger’ bill to quell Roe v. Wade reversal fears

Maine Senator Susan Collins: Don’t worry ladies, she’s got your back (and wire hangers)

Stinging from renewed criticism for helping put beer lover and firm “boys will be boys” believer Brett Kavanaugh on the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) announced she will soon introduce a bill that would legalize the use of wire hangers to abort unwanted or life-threatening fetuses at home.

Collins is presently taking intense heat over her support for Kavanaugh, who just voted for a law to eliminate access to virtually all abortion providers in Louisiana. The court majority against his opinion now hangs by one vote. Collins has long maintained that she supported Kavanaugh’s confirmation because she believes he will not dismantle Roe V. Wade.

With the looming possibility of that landmark 1973 abortion ruling being upended by Kavanaugh in the very near future, the Maine senator hopes to mitigate the situation as best as she can.

“Senator Collins decided to support Justice Kavanaugh based on assurances she had received from him at the time. While it is regretful that Justice Kavanaugh appears to be reneging on this, the Senator will do everything within her power to provide viable options for women in case Roe V. Wade is reversed,” the Maine senator’s press secretary Annie Clark said before reporters at Capitol Hill.

In addition to legalizing the use of wire hangers for do-it-yourself abortion, the “No Shame Over Wire Hangers” bill will also establish and formalize a national network of wire hanger distribution centers in order to ensure that all eligible women in the United States of America will have access to them.

Clark indicated they have begun intensive research into the logistics of establishing a productive and efficient wire hanger distribution network.

“We are thinking of having at least one in each state for starters, but eventually the goal is to have one wire hanger distribution center in every major city in the entire United States,” said Clark.

Clark added that while criticisms leveled against Senator Collins are extremely unfair, she will never stop advocating for women’s rights.

“Don’t worry about Roe V. Wade, ladies, Senator Collins has got your back,” Clark quipped.

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