Kim Jong-un wins Education Nobel Prize for ‘dotard’ Trump insult

Kim Jong-un

North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un is the 2017 recipient of the Nobel Prize for Education, the Nobel committee of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has announced.

The group, which awards the prize to individuals or entities that have made outstanding contributions to the betterment of humanity through education and learning, said Kim clinched the honor for single-handedly educating the entire world on the meaning of the word “dotard,” which means “an old person, especially one who has become weak or senile.”

The dictator sent everyone Googling or reaching for their dictionaries after using the uncommon word in a statement insulting American general election popular vote loser Donald Trump.

“With a single word, Kim Jong-un simultaneously educated an entire planet and dressed down one of the most reviled bullies in modern history,” said RSAS Secretary General Göran K. Hansson. “We are thrilled to present him with this prestigious award.”

Kim will receive 9 million Swedish krona from the committee, which will present its 2017 awards in Stockholm on December 9, 2017. It is not known at this time whether or not the reclusive leader will actually attend the ceremony.

Among the shortlisted nominees Kim beat out for the honor are Bobby Soobrayan, whose efforts to improve education in South Africa have gained him worldwide respect, and Sasi Kapoor, who spearheaded a movement to overhaul India’s education system.

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